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Smartphone will charge fast, follow these tips

Smartphone will charge fast : Smartphone usage is now inextricably linked with daily life. But there is no end to the problem when the phone’s battery is drained when needed. Fast charging technology has emerged over the years to mitigate the problem. Using which the battery of the smartphone can be charged quickly. But sometimes due to my own fault, there is a delay in charging the smartphone. Are you making the same mistakes?

Smartphone will charge fast, follow these tips
Smartphone will charge fast, follow these tips

First of all you need to know the maximum speed of fast charging support on your phone. After that buy fast charger with maximum speed from the market and use it. Charging the phone in this charger will charge the phone faster than before. Smartphone will charge fast

Use Original Cable

Try charging the phone via the original cable. The low cost cable purchased from the market greatly reduces the charging speed.

Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

While charging the phone, turn off all battery draining features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Hotspot. In this way you can charge the smartphone quickly.

Close All Background App

Close all background apps while charging. This apps wastes a lot of battery. So if you keep it off, the smartphone will charge quickly.

Enable Airplane Mode

Enable Airplane Mode for faster phone charging. As a result, your phone will charge much faster.

Charging Cycle

Every battery has a certain lifespan. So after each charge the life decreases a bit.

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Overnight Charge

Do not charge the phone overnight. This causes heavy damage to the battery. Try disconnecting the charger when it is 80 percent charged.

Using Phone While Charging

Do not use the phone while charging. Avoid talking on the phone or playing games while charging. In a day, the health of the phone will be good and the battery will be charged quickly.

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