What is abacus explain?

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Abacus – Explanation, Types, Uses, and FAQs

What is abacus explain : About 3000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, the Babylonians made a machine called the abacus to calculate. Abacus is a very simple calculator. The word abacus is derived from the Hebrew word abaca, which means dust or sand. It is made of a rectangular structure made of wood. The structure is again divided horizontally by a cross bar. The upper part is relatively small and the lower part is relatively large. Several bars are placed vertically while maintaining the same distance in both parts of the structure. The vertical bar on the top has one or two and the vertical bar on the bottom has five.

What is abacus explain?

Although first introduced in Babylon, the abacus was widely used in China. At one time abacus simply meant Chinese abacus. In China, however, the abacus was called (Suan Pan). Later the Greeks and Romans learned to use the abacus from him. The abacus later became known as (soroban) in Japan and (s’choty) in Russia. The main feature of Chinese Suan Pan is that it consists of 7 pods. The middle bar of the abacus has 2 on the top and 5 on the bottom.

The highest value is 5 and the lowest value is 1. The 2 beads above the middle strip are called heaven or the 5 beads below are called earth. During counting these beads are moved closer to the middle bar. Addition and subtraction can be done very easily with this machine.

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On the other hand, the Japanese saroban has a 1 at the top of the bar and a 5 at the bottom. The Japanese Soroban Russian Scotia surprisingly has no crossbars. As a result, it is notably different from the other two types of abacus. It consists of 10 pieces.

The pieces of the abacus are marked from right to left sequentially as units, tens, hundredths, thousands, hundreds, thousands and hundreds. The calculations are done by operating these cells following specific rules. An experienced abacus user can calculate much faster than modern digital calculators. Many people call it a semimechanical calculator.

The use of abacus is not seen anywhere today. However, it is known that some people in rural areas of China still use abacus to do their calculations. However, there is no precedent for widespread use of the abacus elsewhere in the world, although some do use it gracefully. The most interesting thing is that even today in China, Japan and Taiwan a competition on the use of abacus is held every year. Abacus users from different countries of the world participated in this contest.


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